About Line Hair Clinic
Dedicated to bringing you hair loss solutions with innovative and industry-leading procedures.
Dr. Charles Hsu

The decision to have surgery or any hair procedure is a personal one. A big part of this decision is finding a surgeon and doctor with whom you can trust as well as feel comfortable regarding his or her credentials, training, experience, and character. After having the honor of learning from and working along some of the finest doctors and surgeons in the country, Dr. Hsu decided that the best doctors take special care to fully understand all aspects of a patient’s life before making any recommendations.

Dr. Hsu believes, with the proper care and attention, you can get your hair back. Line Hair Clinic and Dr. Hsu cannot wait to meet you and is eager to help you find your hair loss solutions.
Dr. Hsu’s credentials and background
Line Hair Clinic and Line Plastic Surgery Center is located within the same building. Located west of Downtown LA, Koreatown is one of the most diverse places you’ll find in Los Angeles. You'll find Line Hair Clinic in the center of Koreatown. Located at 3424 Wilshire Blvd #1100 Los Angeles, CA 90010. Line puts an emphasis on advanced and patient-tailored procedures to rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of hair loss for the scalp. The goal is to achieve hair growth and bring hair loss soluctions, with a healthy respect for each patient’s individuality and form.