Hair Care
Everything you need to know about taking care of your hair.

Keep yourself hydrated.

A single strand of hair is made up of about 25% water. Water is a very important for your overall health and the health of your scalp. As covered on our other hair care instruction pages, without moisture, our hair will break, split, and be damaged. Keeping hydrated will immediately bring moisture to your hair and can even eliminate issues with dandruff. Dehydration directly correlates with the health of your cells and your bodies reproduction cycle. Stay healthy by staying hydrated and see better health in your scalp and hair.

Proteins for hair growth.

Eggs and high protein foods are essential for your hair because hair follicles are made mostly of protein. A lack of protein has been proven to correlate with hair loss. With a healthy balanced diet, you will notice a difference in the strength and growth of your hair. Here is a list of foods recommended for hair growth:

  • Eggs - high source of protein and biotin

  • Spinach - vitamins A and C

  • Fatty Fish - omega 3 and fatty acids

  • Berries - vitamin C

  • Avocado - healthy fats and vitamin E

  • Nuts - high source of vitamin E and B

  • Oysters - zinc

  • Greek yogurt - vitamin B5 and protein

Vitamins for hair loss.

As you can see from the list above, most of the food that is recommended consist of vitamins. Consult with Dr. Hsu at Line Hair Clinic to see what vitamin supplements are recommended to boost hair growth. Different vitamins play a particular role in encouraging hair growth so it is important know your individual hair loss case.

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