Hair Care
Everything you need to know about taking care of your hair.

Certain hairstyles can cause more hair loss.

Avoid wearing your hair in tight braids or tightly pulled ponytails that can cause stress to your scalp. Traction Alopecia is a hair loss condition related to damage on the hair follicle due to high tension when there is an the excessive amount of tension on the hair shafts. Overtime you may see a receding hairline or general hair loss in specific areas where there was tight tension.

The effects of hair dye and hair loss.

Hair dyeing is not the reason for your hair loss. However, your hair dye may cause damage to your existing hair. Modern day hair dye should not hurt your scalp, but if you have sensitive skin or a sensitive scalp, it may cause irritation. At Line we believe having a healthy scalp can be the root to solving your hair loss problems.

Your hair dye may damage your hair and cause your hairs to split and break. Split ends are a sign of damage and they will continue to split until your hair reaches the root. Eventually, the damage may go to the cuticle and the core of your hair, leading to possible future issues with hair growth.

At Line, we recommend you to stay away from harsh chemicals. Whether it is hair dye, shampoo, or other hair care products there are always healthier alternatives. Although natural products may not last as long, they will have a longer lasting effect on the overall growth and health of your hair.

Stay away from heat.

Heat is one of the most common reasons for hair damage. For many women, straightening or curling hair has become a part of the daily routine. However, hot styling tools will cause your hair to break and the consequences of hair loss, is not worth it. In an ideal world staying away from hot styling tools is recommended but we understand that may not be realistic. We advise to consider keeping the heat from your tools at a lower level, if possible. Heat styling will dry your hair out and use without caution will severely damage your hair. These damages are irreversible and your only solution may be to either grow your hair out or cut it.

Should you blow dry or air dry your hair?

Many myths surround this question. But, not much proven research is available to dispel this myth. Similar to the beliefs above, if you do blow dry your hair, avoid high levels of heat as you may dry out and damage your hair. Keep your hair dryer at a further distance and at a cool temperature and be gentle. On the other hand, if you do not quickly dry your hair and let your hair air dry, your hair will swell. The hair follicle soaks up water when it comes in contact with water . The longer your hair is in this state, there will be more pressure put on the delicate proteins keeping your hair intact. This can eventually lead to even more damage.

Why is it good to brush your hair?

At Line we recommend brushing your hair, but do not brush your hair when it is wet. When your hair is wet, it is weaker and more fragile. In this state, your hair is more prone to break. After fully drying your hair, use a high quality brush that massages and stimulates your scalp while being cautious not to use a sharp ended comb which may scratch and hurt your scalp. On average, people will loose up to 100 hairs a day and will constantly grow new hair. Without brushing your hair, your old hairs may not have a chance to quickly loosen our for new growth.

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